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Falconers logo.jpg

Falconers offers development services focusing on next-generation remote sensing AI and hardware. The company’s vision is to decrease the computational energy load by optimizing the system chain from sensors to AI algorithms/hardware development — a positive impact to business and the

FY composites logo.jpg

FYC ensures the safe operation of people and troops on battlefields and in dangerous environments.


The company manufactures high-quality products that protect against life-threatening dangers. FYC is a brand of internationally recognized Nordic top quality and ease of use. We manufacture, among other things, head protection products, helmet systems and light and advanced protection solutions.

The individual, customer-designed products include, for example, innovative protection solutions and lightweight structures for ships and systems.

DefSecIntel provides an integrated autonomous situation awareness turn-key system smart shield called SurveilSPIRE, which includes a fully automated surveillance platform and remote autonomous monitoring stations. DefSecIntel’s systems are equipped with smart AI algorithms and are powered by autonomous energy sources. The systems provided by Defsecintel are designed for different landscapes, terrain and weather conditions.

NVLS is a world leader in night vision technology, offering a wide field of view that provides unparalleled visibility in low light conditions. We specialize in developing ultra-compact, ultra-light, high-performance systems for land forces, aviators, and amphibious operators. NVLS is constantly researching and developing new technologies to enhance our night vision goggles and weapon
sights. We strive to design and manufacture the best night vision goggles that exceed our customers' expectations.

tangent link logo.jpg

Tangent Link is a specialist firm with over 20 years direct experience in events, project management, and strategic consultancy, in industries that serve the Defence, Aerial Firefighting, Aerial Search and Rescue, and other associated markets. We regularly host two portfolios of events in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. The Electronic Warfare Live and Aerial Firefighting Event series. These events bring together industry, government, subject matter experts, and key stakeholders, in a unique format specifically tailored to the needs of these complex fields. Our core competency is working between key stakeholders, technical experts, end users, and thought leaders. Functioning as the interlocutor that brings ideas to reality in markets and industries that exist at the cutting edge of human and technological potential.

CGI-Eesti logo.png

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. We are insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate returns on your investments. We are an integrator of IT systems and an advisor for our customers. We build and operate special purpose, technically sophisticated and mission-critical information systems that help to protect our customers. We create innovatiove solutions for customers that incorporate both traditional and novel technologies, covering cyber security, space, defence, intelligence, air and maritime domains.

Baltic-Workboats v1.jpg

Baltic Workboats is a modern, well-equipped shipyard with a highly skilled workforce of over 200 people. The state-of-the-art 6,200 square meter shipyard facilities are located in the Baltic Sea on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia, which is renowned for its shipbuilding heritage for hundreds of years in Europe. During the two decades we’ve delivered more than 200 highly versatile vessels. Designed and built for the demands of governments, research institutions and multinational companies in over 20 countries worldwide.

cybernetica v1.png

Cybernetica is a R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions, light signalling and telematics products, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems. Cybernetica has been an active counterpart in developing critical e-Governance systems, such as the Estonian X-Road, i-Voting, e-Customs and others. Cybernetica builds future-proof technologies for secure digital societies.

Flowit’s core business is developing tailor-made software products for a variety of clients across many different business sectors. More specifically, Flowit has a clear focus on software robotics, also known as robotic process automation (RPA). The company's history dates back to 2007 and over the years Flowit has been involved in several prestigeous projects such as the development and management of Vodafone's Italy-based integration system, quality management for the core system of the Estonian Central Register of Securities, compilation of technical documentation and test automation for Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS (SK ID Solutions), and pre-analysis, development project quality management and testing of the voting system of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament). Flowit’s team consists of more than 20 experienced consultants, including 8 certified test managers.

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