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Poster Presentations

A novel approach for assessing canopy visibility in forested areas, M. Antsov, M. Lang, K. Piip, A. Mumma

Methodology for detection and classification of chemical components with GC-IMS (TeChBioT), O. Olarte, R. Haelterman, V. L. Fernandez

Passive acquisition by digital convergence (PADIC), Tanel Järvet

Energy independent energy efficient deployable military camps (INDY), Shvea Järvet

Anticipating future trends: Project MoSaiC and the advent of unmanned C-B detection technologies (MoSaiC), Stefano Mazzaro

3D concrete printing in the defense Industry, H. Joon, A. Alt, L. Peetrimägi, L. Hass, A. Liblik, G. Gerretz

Automatic detection of NATO mission task verb symbos, M. Lepson, A. Acikalin, K. K. Kõverik, A. Tampuu

Military Leader Developer Assistant (MiLDA), Tarmo Koppel


Submission and processing timeline

15.12.2023 Abstract submission deadline

21.12.2023 Decisions of selection from the selection board (with the potential of asking for an oral presentation on the same topic)

07.01.2024 Poster submission deadline

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